[INTERVIEW-EN] MurDa : « When i first started making music i didn’t really think much or know much about the scene, plus I was pretty young. »

MurDa is an artist who popularized his style of Dubstep across the Globe with gems like « The Ball Licker » or « The Toog Anthem ». He surrounds himself with labels such as NSD: Black Label, Disciple and Prime Audio which acknowledged his work and skills regarding music production. His tracks showcase brutal tones maintained by a well-engineered mixdown. He accepted to tell few stories about his career and aspirations.


Who are you ? (little presentation)

My name is Tommy, born in a city called Southampton in England and I have been making music for a bit more than 5 years, and DJing for around 2 years!

Why and when did you started making dubstep ?

I started making dubstep around 4 years ago, the first year was just learning how to use my DAW [FL studio] and the basics of mixing down. I started making dubstep because i was really inspired by a few artists, xKore to name one of them. I love how dramatic the genre is and how diverse it can be in terms of styles! Im not one to just stick at a certain style, I honestly love all sub-genres of dubstep, from Deep tracks to insanely brutal tracks!

You have a unique style, how would you define it ?

Usually listeners can tell if it’s a track from me if they were to hear it in a mix or even at a live show! Which is great because it makes me recognisable. Yet i’d say I do not have a ‘signature synth’ quite yet as i like to keep my sounds diverse. Maybe one day

What do you think of the Dubstep scene ? RIDDIM scene ?

I love the scene! Everyone is usually soo humble and really eager to support each other, which is what i love about it but like any scene there can be drama and stupid situations occurring! Riddim is a sub-genre of Dubstep so i’d say they’d be the same scene!

One year ago you started a riddim alias, why ?

Yes i started a riddim alias called TOOG! It was just for fun and it was funny to see people guess who it was. I had been listening to ‘riddim’ for while and I thought it would be cool to try it out making it. It was quite different to the stuff i put out on MurDa so that’s why i made a different alias!

Riddim is growing these days, where would you see riddim in couple years ?

I remember riddim from back in the day and it wasn’t as popular as it is now and it’s so cool to see people getting into now! I honestly think it will carry on growing these next few years and it will definitely make a mark in musical history!

You made your first party with Samplifire under your riddim allias recently. Would you consider only touring with your RIDDIM alias ?

Yes, me and samplifire have been wanting to tour as TOOG & GOOT for a while now! We are currently going through the US VISA procedure right now and hopefully we could do a little tour in america showcasing our riddim alias in the future.

Do you have any EP coming soon ?

Infact i do, although the label has not announced anything about it so it’s best not to say where it’s coming out just yet! But yes keep your eyes peeled for June/July for a brand new EP!


Ignition & Inversion NYE by Kaka Lee
Ignition & Inversion NYE by Kaka Lee

Who is your favorite french artist ? Samplifire in 3,2,1

How did you guess?? Yes Samplifire is my favourite french artist right now, he also a great friend of mine and we have so much stuff planned for the future! Ivory and VOKT are also two of my favourites, and i also happen to be very close with these guys as well. The french are taking over trust me!!

Your best and worst memory in a party ?

I am yet to have a bad memory from any gigs that i have played, I have loved every single one of them so far. My best memory was finishing my set at ANIMALZ and just hearing the crowd go insane for the big B3B with Samplifire and Oolacile. Also getting to meet my friends that i know through music for the first time are some of my best memories!

Do you have any other alias ?

Yes i do, I have an alias called HEIRLOOM. Which is where i put out anything experimental or even just beats for rappers. I enjoy making this sort of stuff just as much as my dubstep so definitely if anyone has some time for music other than dubstep, check ‘HEIRLOOM’ on Soundcloud!

Do you plan to do a tour in the US soon ? what would it represent for you ?

Going to the states is a huge dream for me because many of my friends are out there making huge progress as the scene is so much more bigger! It would definitely help my brand my music a bit better and to be able to perform at bigger venues! It would also be awesome to meet all my american friends that i have known from music for years!

Production wise, do you have a favorite plugin ?

My favourite plugins has to be the fruity granulizer [FL stock plugin] and the OTT. These two plugins really forms the sound/style i am going for.

Any advices for young producers ?

My advice is to definitely keep going and try to find your way around the scene! There are many producers trying to make it and It’s getting harder and harder now because it is getting difficult to be unique and to be yourself. You got to be someone who stands out in the crowd to really make it! If this is your dream, don’t ever give up because it is certainly possible!

What would you liked to hear when you first started ?

When i first started making music i didn’t really think much or know much about the scene, plus I was pretty young. Every now and then i’d send a link to my music to someone that had more of a recognisable name without even an introduction to myself! I realised after upsetting someone that wasn’t very professional of me! So if you are going to promote yourself and try to get others to listen to your music, try a small introduction to yourself and to talk to them like you would to anyone else. Don’t just hand them a link and expect them to listen to it as it’s rude!

Any words for your fans ?

Thank you all for the support you have given me so far, keep your eyes peeled for some big things to happen this year! I LOVE YOU ALL!




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