Dubstep.fr had the immense honor of being able to interview one of the French dubstep’s big names at the moment, IVORY. Producer recognized worldwide for his productions like 93 STYLE or NO REGRETS.

Dubstep.fr : Who are you ? Where does your name come from?

My name comes from the movie “How High”, the two main characters are Silas and Ivory.
I saw the movie for the first time with my best friend, we laughed so much that we then picked up the name as our nicknames, without any particular reason …

Dubstep.fr : What is your favorite MAO software? plugin / VST?

Fl studio has always been my favorite MAO software, but I am tempted to try Ableton to multiply the possibilities!
Currently my favorite VST’s  are the EastWest instrument banks, I made all my intro with that, it’s really nice!

Dubstep.fr : What do you think is your best track?

I would say “No regrets”, I really liked to produce this track, everything was done in a few days without loss of inspiration and it’s rare when I produce something.

Dubstep.fr :  Do you have an EP in preparation?

Yes! I am on a 4/5 tracks project which include several collaborations.
The EP should be released before this summer.


IVORY at Propulsion #5 in Paris Photo taken by VenseDesign


Dubstep.fr : What is your best and worst party memory?

The memories of shows are always better, I would say that meeting the artists with whom I collaborate is the thing that marks me the most everytime, I recently played with “Fuski” from the duo “Dodge & Fuski” with who I had collaborated a few weeks earlier.

It was nice to be able to talk but face to face this time.
My worst memory of party was when Samplifire and I had not seen that the previous DJ had used the effects table, we played 15 minutes with an “echo” effect that resonated throughout the room before we noticed it…

Dubstep.fr : Who is your favorite French artist?

Samplifire without hesitation.
In addition to helping me well I always found in his sounds something that others do not have.

Dubstep.fr : What made you love bass music and made you want to do it?

Going outside !
The bass music party I went at for the first time made me discover a world I did not know. (“RENEW” afterparty of the Techno Parade)
The energy that came out of the crowd and the DJs made me want to make my own music and go to the side of the stage.


Dubstep.fr : How would you define your style? What are your sources of inspiration?

I would say that my style is Dubstep; Tear-out. I started with much more underground sounds, but today I’m moving away from it to join something that is both more classic and heavier.
That said, I still like to play some “Riddim” tracks in my sets, it will always have a place in my heart. Today my sources of inspiration is a mix between Space Laces, Badklaat and Hans Zimmer. There is the sound design, the energy and the instrumental side that I like a lot in these three artists.

SAMPLIFIRE B2B IVORY at AMBASSAD #1 Photo taken by D.vision

Dubstep.fr : A word for your fan?

My fans help me to advance towards my dreams, my goals.
Their support gives me strength and inspiration every day, I can not thank them enough!


Dubstep.fr : What do you think of dubstep.fr?

Great job, the team is cool and motivated, on the lookout whenever there is something to share whether new releases, news about the scene or even Party reviews!
Media to follow if you want to stay connected with news dubstep.

We asked IVORY to choose among two proposals and quickly arguing its choice.



He composed sounds that for me are hymns in the dubstep.


I love Daft Punk and I prefer their helmets to the Deadmau5 ‘ s one.

TEAROUT , the energy that comes out of it affects me a lot more.

He showed me a lot of support these days by playing my songs at big festivals so my vote goes for him!

I have rarely had the opportunity to approach turntables.

140 BPM OR 157 BPM
I play almost everything at 150 BPM but I find 157 BPM way too fast so it will be the classic 140BPM

6,5/10 For the effort.

I prefer the Bk taste.

Through my short experiences out there, I found people very friendly, much more respectful of others but this only was a tourism experience.

Svdden death OR funtcase
He is one of the Dubstep artists who inspired me a lot at the beginning.

Disciple OR Black label

Impossible to decide.
Both labels have offered me a place on their catalog more than once and I am very grateful.
The quality of releases is equal in both camps, they are the two US labels at the top in my opinion, in the dubstep field.

Jul OR Kalash criminel
Kalash criminel.
I can not stand JUL, his autotuned voice bothers me.

Vodka OR whisky
I love whiskey. I have never been a big fan of Vodka.

Pain OR chocolat ou chocolatine
Pain au chocolat.
I’m from Paris, I’ve never heard of chocolatine, what is it?

Lil pump OR XXXtentacion
Lil pump, I hear less weird stories about him than XXX, but musically that’s not my favorite.

Samplifire B2B IVORY at AMBASSAD #1 Photo taken by D.vision



We will find IVORY in a historical B2B with Samplifire, Graphyt and Ecraze at ANIMALZ on April 21st. As for us  we’ll be back very soon for the video interview of code: pandorum, LUX and Qoiet, keep an eye on the Facebook page!


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