Today is the release of the new single of Answerd – Splinters and it is also a big announcement for the artist.

Indeed, the single comes with its integration into the resident artists of the American label! Congratulations to him!

Bassweight Records, the American label that has discovered the biggest artists of the world dubstep scene like Svdden death is recruiting a Frenchman!


We move on to his single. We know him very well now. Answerd wants to bring out its metal side, again it’s pure fire !

Splinters starts with his own vocals, coupled with meaningful lyrics. Answerd releases his full skill panel in this new track.

The drop surprises us, he succeeds brilliantly to mix riddim sounds and metal.

We talked with him to find out more: What does this single represent for you?

Answerd: This single is a continuation of what I started with Soul Eater, namely a much more personal direction, whether in terms of arrangement, text, etc. It feels more my influences, I do the lyrics myself, I avoid to set boundaries on the structure or mood of the song, Splinters is a track 100% Answerd I would say. You are now resident artist at Bassweight Records, what does it mean?

Answerd: That means I’m going to have a lot of room in their catalog for the coming months! Expect many releases with them. What does artwork mean to you?

Answerd: I liked the idea of ​​opposing elements associated with good and evil, namely church, crows and skulls. The lyrics speak of metamorphosis and failure, the church, which is a priori pure, is invaded by evil and breaks. It is the failure of purity. It is also an introduction to topics that I will discuss very soon. Any explanation of the lyrics?

Answerd: The lyrics, as I said above, speak of the failure of a pure intention, which becomes anger, then remorse. They are very abstract in order to allow different interpretations. I particularly focused on the lexical field of glass, as if the life of the protagonist broke into a mass of shards, for him as for others. Can we expect more release from you soon?

Answerd: Yes! I was rather absent from radar at the beginning of the year; it allowed me to store a lot of sounds in different registers, many are finished or almost. Why did you leave your crew Cookerz?

Answerd: I felt more and more detached from the group at the artistic level, I felt that I had no more time to give them and it was time for me to concentrate on my project only. I also changed agent and I signed with Bassweight, I think there was a deep desire to change working environment, renewal. Your wish for 2019?

Answerd: Harmony. Nothing more ! A message to pass to your fans?

Answerd: I have experienced a lot in recent months, I tried to get rid of a lot of codes and a format in which I felt I had been unconsciously locked up. So many surprises, musically, are to be expected. If you had advice for young producers, what would it be?

Answerd: Be yourself and do not lose the flame! I’ve felt a lot of “career” ambition or a search for recognition among new producers lately, which can lead them to make music mechanically, without soul, and to focus on things that are not are not worth it. If you are inspired, write what goes through your head, if you are not, go your way. The possibilities are endless and there is no point in reproducing what already exists. Be creative, and be sincere!

Thanks to him for giving us this interview!

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