[INTERVIEW] Sonar Elite -« Extra Terra and I decided to create the platform we would have dreamed of when we first started »

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Extra Terra and Beta Kitten have teamed up to release a site to train you in music production. The goal is simple: make training accessible and accurate to save time!
But it’s also a place to find the best samples and plugins.

For the launch of the site, the formations of the site are at -50% with the promo code SENSEI50. There is also a preset pack for SERUM made by Extra Terra available but also a VST made in Sonar Elite ZEBLU.










Beta Kitten, the co-founder of the site gave us his time to explain his project.

Dubstep.fr: How did you come to the idea of ​​the site?

Beta Kitten: « I started music at a music school at the age of 5. I was guided and followed by a teacher until I was 20. At the age of 24, I I went on with the musical production, and at first I felt completely lost, there is a ton of information scattered all over the net and it’s really hard not only to sort out the qualitative and the non-qualitative. but also to find complete and structured courses with a real follow-up of a teacher who can answer the questions that we ask oneself It is after this observation that Boris (Extra Terra) and I decided to create the platform we would have dreamed of when we first started, providing all the tools and the right structure by offering complete lessons with teacher tracking, sample packs, presets and plugins.  »

Dubstep.fr: What can we expect on your site? 

Beta Kitten: « As I explained a little earlier, we are targeting producers who want to have a structure to develop their production skills: any age, any sex, the important thing is to be motivated and to invest! We take care to provide all the elements so that the learning process takes place in the best conditions.  »

Dubstep.fr: Your objective? How do you see its evolution?

Beta Kitten: « Our goal is to develop our training courses, samples, presets and plugins, we will call on well-known artists in the electronic music world, we already have some ideas, and we have a goal that is very close to Boris and I and will revolutionize the approach to electronic music, but we’ll talk about it again in a few years.What we can tell you is that there will be a relationship with intelligence artificial!  »

Dubstep.fr: Thank you for giving us this interview!


From our side we had free access to training. The first impression we have had is that classes always go straight to the point. No unnecessary blahblah, which allows us to focus our attention (as a student) on the most relevant concepts for production. Our progress is therefore assured with this approach. Moreover, the courses are accessible to the most novices and the platform will guide you in an optimal way.

A last tip signed dubstep.fr for young producers wanting to progress: all these platforms, training, tutorials that you find on the Internet are actually supports to structure your imagination. It’s up to you, your courage, your motivation and everything that shapes your personality to progress in the world of production!

Dubstep.fr recommends SonarElite for anyone interested in music production. A good way to put a foot in the music!





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