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Invited gracefully by Electroklit, we were able to talk with Nathanael from London Nebel during the Propulsion 5 on November 15, 2017. It was a moment to talk about a little bit of everything and especially their last EP Propaganda that made a lot of noise on social networks . Let’s go ! Do you remember when you started the music? Where does your name come from?

London Nebel: “We started the music 14 years ago, Daniel rapped and I did the DJ with my turntables and vinyls, we met and we decided to make music both to make a hip hop band.
He was the rapper and I was the DJ: I made the sound and he wrote the songs. In 2008, 2009, we tried to make electronic music. At that time, it was not dubstep, it was breakbeat style, like The Prodigy.
A good friend of ours came to us with a game, a kind of quiz. There was the word London and the word Nebel on it, we thought it was going well together.
When we started to dubstep we said to ourselves: “the dubstep comes from England so we can use London Nebel, because “nebel” means fog. When we take London and Fog, it was a bit like making the transition from the origin of dubstep to where we live. That was the idea behind our stage name.” Why dubstep?

London Nebel: “I can not remember the first dubstep sound I heard, I do not know if it was Skream or Banga, I knew the first sound of Megalodon, which I really liked about dubstep, more than elsewhere, it is this unique feeling that accompanies the drop, there is no other music that makes you feel the same, I found similarities to hip hop and that’s also why I started dubstep. ” Do you listen to anything other than dubstep?

London Nebel: “I think it’s important to be influenced by other musical styles, not just electronic music.
It is important to have this way of thinking, because when you always listen to the same style of music (for example just riddim), you are not lucky to be surprised by what you listen to, and therefore by what you produce.
I am inspired by many instrumental hip hop, rock or funk. It depends. I also listen to what goes on the radio, even pop, it can be interesting. ” Your top 5 artist, any style confused, right now?

London Nebel: “Kaytranada, Mr.Carmack and Curly, who is a German rapper.
But also Queen of the Stone Age, a rock band. ” When you started dubstep, what was your initial goal?

London Nebel: “It was a passion, I started making music when a friend showed me Fruity Loops, I was 17. I was surprised, I could transcribe my own ideas, create my own melodies.
In 2011 we had our first contacts with Sin City Recordings, DJ Hatcha’s label. He is a pioneer of dubstep. It was the first time we were in contact with such a big artist but it did not change our leitmotif, we just wanted to make music by passion.
It is sure that over time, and contact with labels, we had this aspect where we wanted to make sure that our music is selected by labels. But that did not change our desire to do this kind of music, just because we could get out of sounds on Never Say Die or whatever, it was not the goal. We wanted to make music, we were very lucky to be able to send songs to labels and have the opportunity to leave. ” Do you have any  projects?

London Nebel: “We have our EP Propaganda coming out on November 24th on FirePower Records
This is our first for 3 years. We have another evening in December in Budapest.
For next year, there is nothing planned at the moment, we just want to release more title. But we have a lot of ideas about his and collaborations. ” Producer is your every day job ?

London Nebel: “No, I work in a house for the disabled, I feed them, I do activities with them, that’s my job every day!” How did you get the idea of ​​your communication around your EP?

London Nebel: “First we had several sounds, one named Propaganda and we had that voice in. We finished all our sounds and we sent him to the Firepower label, they told us that they wanted to get out 4 of their choice.
After that we asked ourselves the question: “what could be the name of our EP?” We had some ideas, but the idea of ​​naming it Propaganda was coming back because we already had a track that was called like that and it’s a subject that comes back a lot in the media, in politics, in our lives. Everyone is confronted. It was the idea and then we asked ourselves the question “OK what can we do for marketing?” We had never done something like this. It was the first time. After the idea came to us, we were going to do propaganda. We got together and we got the idea of ​​the false rumors, we asked our producer friends if they could share them.
The intention was not to make the buzz. I read a lot of comments that said it was a stupid way to advertise, it was not the goal.
It was more of an experiment on our part, we wanted to take a mirror and see people behave like sheep just because a famous artist like Dubloadz said things like “they stole my usb key, they stole my sounds “. And people will believe it just because it is known. He necessarily says the truth because he is known, of course, and the fans believe it, without proofs, without photos attesting to his statements, no audio file, no evidence but some believed it anyway. I knew that people were going to react badly and I can understand: to throw false rumors is not terrible in itself.
It’s also a good way to start a conversation, not especially with the rumors we’ve created but about the policies.
Our main reason was not to gain visibility, the focus should be music and not markerting.
But it’s funny since yesterday, when we released the first trailer with the first drop of “Propaganda” and no one reacted to the music, everyone said “oh it was a stunt marketing, well played” . It’s funny, everyone talks about how we did things but not music.
Last week was really weird when UZZI released the first rumor, everyone started to believe it was crazy. ” Do you have any advice for young producers?

London Nebel: “I just have one word: Enthusiasm Try not to lose faith in yourself and your enthusiasm to produce, I think it’s important, too, to be open to new things.
Do not try to copy, but it can be a good thing to learn, to understand how a synthesizer works or how a drum sound is produced, it can give you ideas.
But I think enthusiasm is the key. ”


Dubstep.Fr thanks Nathanel for giving us this interview and the Electroklit team for their invitation. See you soon for the interview of Code: P, LUX and Qoiet.


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