[INTERVIEW] Extra Terra : « I love everything related to science fiction »

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Invited gracefully by Bass Clap, we were able to talk with Cinate, member of the duo Extra Terra during the Oxygen 1 on December 2, 2017.

DFR: What is the origin of your stage name?

C: « In fact, it has a double meaning, first it’s an extrapolation of the extraterrestrial name, I love everything that’s science fiction, I’m very fond of all that: aliens, xenomorphs … delirium there, but it also means extra earth: that is to say a super-developed human, more than the others, that’s the meaning.  »

DFR: What made you do Bassmusic?

C: « All that is music, I started very young. I was in a metal band for a year and then I did psytrance, on Cubase then FL studio. Ableton ect. We will say that, concerning the actual « production » on sequencing software, it’s been ten years since I practice it. And today I’m doing dubstep, bass music, hybrid, trap, everything you know now. The sound design in 2010 with Skrillex, Rusko that inspired me … it was very extraterrestrial, like sounds from another planet. So with my friend we got together and we did the Extra Terra project.  »

DFR: Where do your inspirations come from?

C: « The group Infected Mushroom. They really motivated me, inspired me to do some prod. I said to myself: « what they do is amazing! » After that, there is also cinema, like the science fiction I mentioned before. It’s my biggest source of inspiration. It really pushed me to produce. Also Hans Zimmer  or the last soundtrack of Blade Runner. I listen to metal as well, but I’m very open to all types of music. As long as I find that good, I’m listening.  »

DFR: Your 3 favorite artists in BassMusic?

C: (laughs) « In Bass Music, I’d say Excision. After that it’s complicated … Spag Heddy? It’s really hhard … (laughs) but Virtual Riot for the last one!  »

DFR: For you, what defines the party in which you mix?

C: « The cohesion between the public and Extra Terra … After you can not » define « a party, each has its own character! I had a good time with the audience … each night has its own specificity thankfully.  »

DFR: What do you think of the French Bassmusic scene?

C: « We have a lot of things in French BassMusic! The Bass music scene is not bad. There is a lot of activity between Lyon, Paris ect … but it could be even better. But we can not complain, I think that in France, compared to Europe we are well off! After, the country that I preferred is Canada, people are crazy over there. They jump, sing … they headbang, it’s crazy!  »

DFR: A party moment you did not like?

C: « I do not have bad memories. »

DFR: Tell us a bit about your future projects?

C: « An upcoming EP on FirePower. We are also finishing another, in progression. Personally, I also plan to do courses, video presentations to do music training. It will allow people all over the world to learn BassMusic. We will also make pre-set packs and special audio plugins for the project … So follow us!  »

DFR: Advice for those who want to get started?

C: « Work hard. It’s very difficult. The level in the Bass Music is incredible and very high. When you see guys who is 19 years old who make crazy tracks …  you must follow the pace! Never give up, and always stay optimistic.  »


We asked Cinate to answer our questions without much thought. And that’s what his heart says:

Excision or Skrillex ?

« Excision »

Riddim or Brostep ?

« Brostep »

140 or 150 Bpm ?

« 150 Bpm »

Black Label or Disciple ?

« Disciple because Virtual Riot is on it ! »




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