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The 7th of july 2018 at Ambassad 2 , we had the extreme privilege to interview Somnium Sound.

Here is our interview were we learn more about his name, his music and his proximity with Svdden Death.

The audio of this interview is at the end of the article if you don’t want to read.



Question 1 :  How are you ? Where do your name come from ?


Oh i’m doing fucking awesome like, you know little tired, little on sleep but you know, i made it out here and i’m having an awesome time. My name’s comes from, so the word somnium is latin for dream so my name means dream sound and the reason i have that name is because when i was trying to figure out a name i was like i need a name and i think i’m just going to find something that has to do with an interest of mine and one of an interest that i have is lucid dreaming and like weird stuff like that so i was okay that’s kind of cool and the idea behind it is that i want my music to be like a dream, like i want my projects, my EP, my albums stuff like that i wanted to be like a dream so like you know when you have a dream you have different types of dreams, you have like nightmare you have like good dream , you have like anything and i want my music to be as diverse as the kind of dream you can have at night. So, that kinda where i’m going with my name and with my project you know right now i’m mostly only known for dubstep but most people don’t know that i’ve made literally  every genre for a long time. I have like trap songs , i still have couple trap songs . If you dig down my soundcloud you’ll see, the first song on my soundcloud is a bass house song, the first song i’ve ever released on a label was Buygore it was a bass house song and i have like 5 or 6 house songs like unreleased ready to go whenever the time is right and like i just want to merge like everything together you know and i want to bring like my sound, my diverse sound design skills and bring them anywhere


Question 2 : When and why did you start producing RIDDIM music ?

So, i started producing riddim in ..humm i’d say i started producing seriously around 2013 and around that time that was the era of  like the tearout era it was like the old GETTER like Fallout EP on FirePower ,you know,  like JFpheplz playing today like Bar9  « EP” ,   like 12 Gauge you know that ERA and like what got me in the dance music was like i was listening to brostep stuff like Skrillex and all those guys that’s where i came in but as dubstep progress i kinda progressed with it into the warp . I come from a heavy metal background like my first music project ever was in a  band, that’s how i got into production because i wanted to learn how to record our EP and in order to do that i needed to learn music production and then when the band broke up i still wanted to do music production so i started making my own music. That was around the time that i was starting discovering that was when Skrillex was exploding i started learning about this whole new world of like production and stuff and i was like “oh well i don’t need  a band and all to make my own music all by myself” so i started making music around then and like i was making like actually when i first started producing i wanted to make neurofunk. But that’s like super hard ! Really really hard like If you ever want, for all the kids out there if you try to learn how to produce DO NOT pick Neurofunk first, it’s very hard , it’s very very hard, then i started making dubstep and then i kinda like i continued to listen to that era but i was experimenting with production more i wasn’t necessarily making dubstep at that time, i made a little bit but  i was making like trap and i made like house and i made like trance , i mean like everything. I kinda came full circle because at around like 2016 i moved to LA and i moved to LA with Svdden Death so when

I attended a music school in LA and when i moved, Danny, Svdden Death was like “yo if you’re going to move to LA, i’m moving to LA too” and i was like “yes please do” so i moved he moved a week later and so, I move to LA like when I was attempting school, pretty much everyone I met was dubstep producer because of Danny, so Danny was all around meeting you know like Al Ross, like Yakz and all these guys like that’s how I met these guys through Danny and the more and more I was hanging out with theses guys the more and more my music just started to turn into, you know, the underground dubstep sound and you guys you know of me from like right now you know cause like I had the chops from like working on music for so long that like when I was just like yaa this stuff is fun like I made like 3 or 4 songs , send them to NSD because I did the collab with Danny for Marauders and because of Marauders NSD hit me up and they wanted more music from me so I was like Oh shit I don’t have any dubstep like available right now All I have is like Hybrid trap so I started making you know, I’ve made “What’s up” “snoozer” and one other song that never ended up coming out and then unholy and I made those 4 songs in 1 week and I send them to NSD and then ever since then just been, it’s just been growing up so that’s kind of how, that’s kind of how I ended to this scene you know and from there I’m just trying tho like, trying to bridge the gap like the underground like the mainstream, you know. I want, I want to take my, like, career to like, the highest like the penicle ? You know I want win a grammy, I wanna go the way you know and I want to like be able to, like, make that kind of music and also support the underground and still bring like, you know, play on mainstage, headlining slot time at EDC and then drop like some riddim artists who only has like a thousand followers, like, that’s what I wanna do, I want to be that guys so  



Question 3 : Can you tell us something about Voyd ? Is it your alias with Svdden Death ?

There is no comment on Voyd, No Comment ! There is no comment on Voyd. I give you guys an exclusive no comment. HAHAHAHHAHAHA



Question 3 Bis :  Your proximity with svdden death is undeniable. So what makes you two get along so well ?

It’s because we became friend first, we’re friends first and then we made music like, me and SD like, I mention in the earlier question. Me and him go way back like to, we didn’t go so far back like we grow up together but we came up together. I met him outside of this weekly club in San Fransico called EPR and he was litterily handing out like CD like I was one of the only people who came up to him and talk to him and I was like : « Yo this like really good, » this is at this time he was making like, he was making nothing even close to what you did expect him to making and like I was like « yo this is like super awesome »  and then we just talk and then the next week I saw him at this show again, talk more and then like I’ve got his number and then we hang out. We started to hanging out ever since and we always like would kind of trying to make music but because we were just such good friend, we could never really finish anything, same thing for Yakz, me and him we tried to make song a ton of times, we ended up just hanging out just watching youtube videos and stuff and I feel like that’s a big reason why collaborating with really really good friend of yours, it’s like, it works so well, it’s like we don’t force it, eventually like something magical is gonna happend because the only collabs that I ever finish what with Svdden death, other one that you guys have heard right ? The purple Lamborghini remix, maurauders and angel style, those are the only song we ever finishED, there is no like hidding shit like, behind the scene.



Question 4 : You released a new EP recently on NSD: Black Label. It’s a huge accomplishment for you. Congrats, we loved it !

What was the process and how did it end up on black label ? 


I kind of mentioned it a little bit earlier but basically what happened was I was at I’ll give you the full story for this one so I was at um I think it was it was either countdown or nocturnal Wonderland some show at the NA Center in San Bernardino.

I can’t remember which one it was but a good friend of mine Ozzy he had become friends with one of their ANR’s Daniel Bisbing and he introduced me to him there and at the time this was right when  giant sudden death spell jam EP was submitted but not released yet so like.

It was it was done and they were gonna release it but there so like it wasn’t out yet so he already knew about Marauders he already knew about all that stuff and he says « oh you made Marauders like please send me music » and I was like oh I don’t have any like any music to send so I like went home and I started like working on stuff and he followed up with me like a week later he was like « yo send me music » and I was like oh so then like I like chugged a bunch of energy drinks and like tried to finish them as fast as I could and then I sent it to him and then ever since then like Skism and  Daniel have been super super supportive and like pretty much everything I send they’re like they love it and like I can’t stress how much I appreciate their support because like I wouldn’t I definitely wouldn’t be doing a lot of the things I’m doing if  it wasn’t for the opportunities that never-say-die is given me because like every time I talk to people like when Italk to promoters like they’re like oh we booked you because you’re NSD this or we booked you because you’re EP we booked you because the you know this song or that song and I’m just like wow like it’s actually crazy how much it actually helped so yeah so

I sent them the music and then they like pretty much took like almost all the songs except for like one so that was like « what’s up », « snoozer » and « unholy » and then after that like I did Bounce Syndrum remix came after that, and ever since then like they’re one of the first people I send music to so thanks.



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