[INTERVIEW] Answerd & Nacha : « I’m close to live from my music, thanks to you ! »

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Invited by our partner Ignition Events, we took advantage of this memorable party to interview the inseparable duo from Cookerz, Answerd and Nacha.


Sara Vasseghi Photography
Sara Vasseghi Photography


Dubstep.fr: Let’s start from the beginning! Who are you ?


NACHA: « Leo Albert aka NACHA »



Dubstep.fr: Can you explain your stage name? Where is he from ?


ANSWERD: « Basically, my alias was Deadzone, but I had some problems with another artist who had the same name, so I had to change! So I made a post on Facebook to get some feedback. A person told me « The Answer D ». Then another person translated it into English. So I ended up with the name Answerd, thanks to my friends!  »

NACHA: « I took a lot of time to find my alias. But Nacha comes from the science fiction character « Atlach – Nacha » who is a spider created by Lovecraft.  »


Dubstep.fr: How did you discover Bass Music? What made you want to produce it?


ANSWERD: « Before I listened to metal, rap and then one day I discovered Deadmau5 who introduced me to House music. Then, little by little, I drifted on the Bass music starting with DnB (BSE, Noisia …). And one day I discovered Figure, and it’s really this artist who made me want to produce (see how a track is composed, analyze how sounds are created.)  »

NACHA: « I have a father who introduced me to » extreme » music like Metal. At the beginning, I started playing dry and electric guitar because I knew I had something to bring to the music. I have always tried to make music « dirtier » (laughs). Then one day a buddy made me discover the Dubstep with good old Skrillex, Rusko and I thought that was what I wanted to do with my life. I felt that I really had something to bring to this style. And I spent a lot of time training and here we are!  »


Dubstep.fr: How would you define your style?


ANSWERD & NACHA: « My Dubstep to me is the mix of all sub genres that I like. I take the melodies of the brostep, the repetitive side of riddim, the machines guns of  deathstep I put all together and I « glitch » a little all and voila that’s how I define my Dubstep.  »


Dubstep.fr: What are your sources of inspiration?


ANSWERD: « My main source of inspiration is Mathmetal (August Burns Red, etc.).  »


NACHA: « I do not listen to a lot of dubstep but I take my inspiration from medieval, religious music, music that dates back.  »


Dubstep.fr: Where do you see the future of Cookerz?


ANSWERD: « In the United States! Bring our « French » sounds to the United States. The Americans are starting to know we are here (the French producers).  »


NACHA: « Very far, we really want to push the French to something new.  »


Dubstep.fr: What is your best track?


ANSWERD: « Mind Control, a track on my next EP.  »

NACHA: « Fereal Rage or Thulsa Doom or Oof.  »


Dubstep.fr: Do you have an ep in preparation?


ANSWERD: « Yes Disciple, it happens in January.  »

NACHA: « I have 2 that are finished and waiting to be released and I’m starting a third one.  »


Dubstep.fr: What do you think of the French Bass Music scene?


ANSWERD: « The scene is very active but I think we could go even further.  »

NACHA: « I would say that the French bass music scene could be more developed.  »


Dubstep.fr: What do you think of the bass music scene in the world?


ANSWERD: « Everything is happening in the USA, a pity that it is not developed enough in France.  »

NACHA: « I feel that Dubstep is the culmination of all other music because nowadays it is heard in pubs, in movies.  »


Dubstep.fr: What are your best and worst memories in the evening?


ANSWERD: « My best memory of the evening is when we closed the last Code with Samplifire because there was an incredible vibe and everything was perfect at this party.

My worst memory is to have brought my controller back to a party (when I was still on the controller) and the club closed before I played.  »

NACHA: « The worst: A guy who forced me to listen to his sounds, it was old recordings with a microphone of his phone. It was House  music and he had recorded his saxophone and the guy was charging me to listen.

The best: It’s here, NYE in Amsterdam, big atmosphere!  »




Dubstep.fr: Who is your favorite french artist ?



NACHA: « Samplifire »


Dubstep.fr: Who is your favorite international artist?


ANSWERD: « I do not like to say I prefer someone, because I think we do not need to rank artists to find them good, but the ones I’ve listened to most this year is Aweminus, Svdden Death and Xaebor.  »

NACHA: « I hesitate between Svdden Death and Oolacile and Phiso.  »


Dubstep.fr: A few words for your fans?


ANSWERD: « I’m two finger to live music thanks to you so thank you very much!  »

NACHA: « I did not think I had as much support, and when I mix at shows there are a lot of fans who come to me and tell me that they love what I do. It’s really crazy so thank you fans. Keep loving the dubstep and support us.  »


Dubstep.fr: What do you think of Dubstep.fr?


ANSWERD: « I like it! I think it’s important to have references in France that there really are not many. It’s really important to keep the news dubstep. You have a vital role and I wish you to hold it.  »

NACHA: « It’s good that there are these media to continue to promote the Dubstep, be it alive, all these media are really necessary. We must continue this momentum!  »



We would like to thank Ignition Events for the invitation,  big up to them!

When you, readers, we find you very soon with new interviews!


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